Strategic Plan


Further, we would utilize the van/bus for outings for our participants to help improve cognitive abilities by visiting learning centers, trade centers, job skills centers, etc.  We would like to work collectively with our participants to cross pollinate successful methods of inclusion and independence that have already proven successful. This will enable us to offer assistance as needed, should that be by facilitating grouping of our participants together towards a common goal of job skill development or providing transportation to our participants to nontraditional yet ability appropriate job sites.  These job sites could be both pay based and/or community reinvestment opportunities. Our participants should not always be recipients of charity, but should also be prepared and expected to give back to the community in which they reside. They should be prepared to volunteer at senior centers, community gatherings and the general well being of the world we live. 2016-2019 THV plans to establish a site within our community for high school and older participates to have a social setting with peers.  They need a place to go to “hang out” as the general population would do. A place with age appropriate activities that vary in ability, such as air hockey, pool table, large televisions with movie access with comfortable seating yet are wheelchair accessible. It would have hours based on ages. The center would accommodate other participant programs such as art, music, crafts and physical fitness classes. The cleanliness of the social center would be a “class” at the high school, where students are selected to go daily to organize, plan and care for the center.  This “developmental center” would only be open to Huron Valley School District THV participants and would require a pass of sort to enter. To the participants, this center would be referred to as the club. After all, everyone deserves to belong to a club! 2019-2024 We will fulfill a crucial need assisting our participants with independent living transition. We will purchase a home that initially would rotate age appropriate residents through on a monthly basis. This will all the participants strengths and weakness of independent residents to be discovered so that we can capital and considered the participant future placement should the participant/parent so desire.  Participates would be evaluated on their ability to contribute to the overall maintenance and day to day operations of the home so as to have a sound judgment on potential safety challenges. We plan to eventually purchase homes in clusters, apartment complexes or condo units to combine resources (outside care givers/transportation) to enable independent living accommodations to our participants.   (Developmental needs) The population we support needs employment opportunities for self sustainment and needs to contribute to our economic environment locally.  THV plans to establish a corporation that would provide employment opportunities for our special needs adults. This facility/corporation would consist of a 75% special needs adult’s workforce. This will allow our adult participants to have a sense of accomplishment and improve developmentally. This nonprofit corporation would assist in reducing the cost of payroll, therefore becoming more cost effective for the products produced to major corporations. It will provide to be beneficial to both parties.

vision statement


We consider our developmental needs to be a course of action to create momentum of further action by our participants that will impact our economy and community. Through careful planning, we will be steadfast as we tackle our strategic plan, therefore fulfilling our vision at THV and forever changing the livelihood of our special needs participants. We are focused on instilling independence and promoting self sufficient lifestyles. We believe that our cognitively impaired participants have the right and deserve the opportunity to live and thrive within the safest, most least restrictive environment all the while well within the watchful eyes of supervision.  That is our goal. That is our mission. That is our vision, as we see it. 

mission statement


It is our mission to ensure participants in our program are provided opportunities to comingle within our community, whether that be through athletic teams, structured social groups, job placement or residential foundations. We are proud supporters of Team Huron Valley Special Olympics. We support 14 sports teams with 126 active athletes and continue to grow with additional teams and athletes each year. 

THV, Inc.

Helping special needs kids develop to their full potential                Proud sponsor of Huron Valley Special Olympics Team